Demystifying Wine Culture: Insights from a Professional Sommelier

In contemporary society, wine culture has acquired a connotation of social distinction, often associated with the upper class. However, for many, this perception can evoke a sense of discomfort, especially when confronted with individuals who proclaim themselves to be “wine connoisseurs” more for their ostentation than for their actual knowledge.

It is important to recognize that there are fundamental keys to assess whether a wine is in optimal condition or not. Like any skill, practice plays a crucial role in developing our sensory abilities.

During a professional wine tasting, a comprehensive analysis is conducted, covering different aspects:

  • Visual Analysis: The appearance of the wine is evaluated, including its brightness, hue, color, transparency or opacity, among other visual details.
  • Olfactory Analysis: The wine’s aroma is examined, identifying its characteristic notes and relevant traits.
  • Olfactory-Gustatory Analysis: Consideration is given to the persistence of the aroma, taste, presence of bouquet, aftertaste, among other sensory elements.
  • Gustatory Analysis: Aspects such as acidity, saltiness, sweetness, astringency, among others, which contribute to the complexity of the flavor profile, are distinguished.
  • Tactile Analysis: The texture and viscosity of the wine are evaluated, providing additional information about its body and structure.

It is important to remember that…

as we embark on our journey into the world of wine, the most relevant aspect is to allow ourselves to enjoy and explore our personal preferences. This permission begins when we have the glass in hand. Simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow the wine’s aromas to unfold before us, revealing its unique character and vital essence.

Elena Sanz, an experienced sommelier, reminds us of the importance of this accessible and enjoyable approach to our relationship with wine. Through her wisdom and experience, she invites us to explore the fascinating world of aromas and flavors, with the freedom and confidence to follow our own palate.

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